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    ACT8890 - Advanced PMU for Portable Handheld Equipment - Active-Semi, Inc

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® ACT8890 Product Brief, 29-Nov-10 Advanced PMU for Portable Handheld Equipment FEATURES • • • • • • Three Step-Down DC/DC Converters Four Low-Dropout Linear Regulators I2CTM Serial Interface Advanced Enable/Disable Sequencing Controller Minimal External Components Tiny 5×5mm TQFN55-32 Package − 0.75mm Package Height − Pb-Free and RoHS Compliant GENERAL DESCRIPTION The ACT8890 is a complete, cost effective, highlyefficient ActivePMUTM power management solution, for portable handheld equipment such as Smartphones, Mobile Internet Devices (MID), eBooks and etc. This device features three step-down DC/DC converters and four low-noise, low-dropout linear regulators. The three DC/DC converters utilize a highefficiency, fixed-frequency (2MHz), current-mode PWM control architecture that requires a minimum number of external components. Two DC/DCs are capable of supplying up to 1150mA of output current, while the third supports up to 1300mA. All four low-dropout linear regulators are highperformance, low-noise, regulators that supply up to 320mA each. The ACT8890 is available in a compact, Pb-Free and RoHS-compliant TQFN55-32 package. APPLICATIONS • • • • • Personal Navigation Devices Portable Media Players Tablet Devices Smart Phones MIDs TYPICAL APPLICATION DIAGRAM Innovative PowerTM ActivePMUTM is trademark of Active-Semi. I2CTM is a trademark of NXP. -1- Copyright © 2010 Active-Semi, Inc. ® Product Brief, 29-Nov-10 ACT8890 1150mA PRODUCT OPTIONS Block REG1 REG2 REG3 REG4 REG5 REG6 REG7 Function Step-Down DC/DC Step-Down DC/DC Step-Down DC/DC LDO LDO LDO LDO Output Voltage Adjustable, or 0.6V to 3.9V Capability 1150mA 1300mA 320mA 0.6V to 3.9V 320mA 320mA 320mA FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VP1 To Battery ACT8890 OUT1 SW1 OUT1 OUT1 nRSTO GP1 VP2 To Battery SW2 ON1 OUT2 OUT2 GP2 VP3 To Battery ON3 SW3 OUT3 ON45 OUT3 GP3 ON2 System Control ON6 INL45 ON7 REG4 LDO SCL SDA VDDREF To Battery REG6 LDO REG7 LDO Serial Interface To Battery OUT4 OUT4 OUT5 OUT5 REG5 LDO INL67 To Battery OUT6 OUT6 REFBP Reference OUT7 OUT7 GA EP Innovative PowerTM -2- Copyright © 2010 Active-Semi, Inc.
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